Otar Eranosyan versus Ezequiel Alberto Tevez breakdown

This isn’t a great fight but i’m glad Eranosyan is staying active and will potentially be picking up his sixth win in 7 months.

Otar Eranosyan has shown power as a pro and a relentless come forward style where he keeps his opponents under pressure. He throws a lot of punches and can sometimes use rough house tactics if fighters try to tie him up to much.

Ezequiel Alberto Tevez is a domestic fighter from Argentina who has lost to people that Eranosyan would beat comfortably and in his only appearance outside of Argentina was stopped within three rounds. At the age of 36 I’d be very surprised if he pulled off the upset as he has little power to keep Eranosyan off him and also isn’t good at technical boxing.

Ezequiel Alberto Tevez

I predict Otar Eranosyan to win by knockout within three rounds due to being better fundamentally and also having more power.


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