Erick Rosa Pacheco versus Kenny Cano breakdown

This is a decent fight for Pacheco who is only 2-0 but is progressing quickly towards a world title shot. Pacheco was a good amateur and has looked impressive as a pro so far. Kenny Cano is a decent fighter who is better than his last quick KO loss suggests.

Erick Rosa Pacheco is a good technical boxer but lacks power. He’s capable of boxing and moving around the ring but will often stalk his opponents before unloading punches on them when they get to the ropes. He’s already gone ten rounds twice so this won’t be a new experience for him in this fight.

Kenny Cano has a lot of power and has respectable skills but isn’t quite as good of a technical boxer in my opinion.

Kenny Cano

I think Erick Rosa Pacheco will win this fight by decision after a few rough moments where Cano catches and hurts him. I think this because Pacheco is the better technical boxer and knows how to fight conservatively when he needs too.


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