Lewis Crocker versus Deniz Ilbay breakdown

This is a decent fight between rising Welterweight prospect Lewis Crocker and Seasoned campaigner Deniz Ilbay.

I thought Lewis Crocker looked very good in his last fight and seems to have really found some power along with good punch selection and timing. He stopped Louis Greene with a great body shot and I think that body work along with how big he is for a Welterweight will lead to him doing well in this fight.

Deniz Ilbay is 22-2 but hasn’t faced many fighters of note apart from Egis Kavaliauskas who he went the distance with before losing a wide decision. He doesn’t have much power but has respectable enough boxing skills for this level of a fight.

Deniz Ilbay

I think as Carl Froch loves to say Lewis Crocker will simply be to big and too strong for Ilbay who is significantly smaller with less power. I expect Lewis Crocker to win by knockout in the 7th or 8th round.


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