Erick Rosa Pacheco versus Ricardo Astuvilc breakdown

Erick Rosa Pacheco is one of the best prospects in the little known minimum-weight division. Ricardo Astuvilc boasts a good looking record of 21-0 with four knockouts but when you look beyond the surface it’s safe to say that it’s heavily padded and Pacheco at 3-0 already has better wins than Astuvilc does. Pacheco isContinue reading “Erick Rosa Pacheco versus Ricardo Astuvilc breakdown”

Erick Rosa Pacheco versus Kenny Cano breakdown

This is a decent fight for Pacheco who is only 2-0 but is progressing quickly towards a world title shot. Pacheco was a good amateur and has looked impressive as a pro so far. Kenny Cano is a decent fighter who is better than his last quick KO loss suggests. Erick Rosa Pacheco is aContinue reading “Erick Rosa Pacheco versus Kenny Cano breakdown”