Erick Rosa Pacheco versus Ricardo Astuvilc breakdown

Erick Rosa Pacheco is one of the best prospects in the little known minimum-weight division. Ricardo Astuvilc boasts a good looking record of 21-0 with four knockouts but when you look beyond the surface it’s safe to say that it’s heavily padded and Pacheco at 3-0 already has better wins than Astuvilc does.

Pacheco is a skilled boxer who uses his technical skills to out box his opponents. He’s not especially powerful though as he grows older and gets more used to being a pro I expect his power to start coming through.

Astuvilc isn’t good technically and also has no noticeable power. In my opinion the only thing he brings to this fight is a shiny looking record which very soon will have a one instead of a zero in the loss column.

I expect Pacheco to take Asuvilc apart with ease on the way to a knockout in the fourth or fifth round.


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