Alberto Puello versus Jesus Antonio Rubio breakdown

This is a decent match up between fringe contender Alberto Puello and Jesus Antonio Rubio who scored an upset win over Sonny Fredrickson a few months ago. Puello is 18-0 with 10 knockouts while Rubio is 13-3-1 with 7 knockouts.

Alberto Puello is a boxer-puncher with respectable technical skills and power. He impressed last time out with a stoppage over the durable Cristian Coria who previous to their fight had never been stopped. I don’t think Puello will be a future world champion, and the best level he’ll likely get to is being a fringe contender who could cause an upset or two.

Jesus Antonio Rubio has already caused an upset by beating the capable but flawed Sonny Fredrickson. Rubio is a boxer who doesn’t possess much power but throws a good amount of punches and isn’t terrible technically. His defence leaves a lot to be desired, and hes a natural lightweight. Two of his three losses have come by way of knockout which leads me to believe he’ll struggle to deal with Puello’s power especially as his previous losses were at lightweight while this fight is at super lightweight.

Jesus Antonio Rubio

I think Alberto Puello will win by knockout in six or seven rounds due to being the bigger more technically sound boxer who also holds the advantage in terms of punching power.


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