Keyshawn Davis versus Lester Brown breakdown

This is the pro debut of former star US Amateur Keyshawn Davis. He’s no longer going to the Olympics but if he had I think he would have ended up winning a medal. Lester Brown is coming in off a KO loss and has obviously been brought into to lose but hes not a bad opponent for a debut as he has experience and has pushed other prospects close.

Keyshawn Davis has a good jab and one-two which he uses consistently. As you’d expect of a good amateur hes fundamentally sound and has great footwork and defensive skills. It’s too early to know how much power he has and you can only judge so much from the amateurs as the pro’s is a completely different sport.

Lester Brown very clearly doesn’t have the skill set that Davis has though has some pro experience. From watching footage he’ll try big looping punches but is hesitant to throw in combination or jab. He lacks any real form of head movement and also doesn’t have good footwork both of which will be his biggest downfalls in this fight.

Lester Brown

I think Keyshawn Davis will win by TKO in the third or fourth round by breaking Brown down with his jab and one-two’s which he is open to. Davis can also use angles to get his punches off while Brown is fairly flat footed.


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