Keyshawn Davis versus Richman Ashelley breakdown

This is a decent second fight for Davis though also one he should win very comfortably. Ashelley is 10-1 but isn’t on the level of Davis in any way. Keyshawn Davis was a stellar amateur and was one of the hopes for a gold medal in Tokyo for America. I think Keyshawn Davis will winContinue reading “Keyshawn Davis versus Richman Ashelley breakdown”

Keyshawn Davis versus Lester Brown breakdown

This is the pro debut of former star US Amateur Keyshawn Davis. He’s no longer going to the Olympics but if he had I think he would have ended up winning a medal. Lester Brown is coming in off a KO loss and has obviously been brought into to lose but hes not a badContinue reading “Keyshawn Davis versus Lester Brown breakdown”