Zhilei Zhang versus Jerry Forrest breakdown

This is a decent step up fight for Zhang though he potentially needs to move quickly at this point in his career as he’s now 37 and likely won’t get a title shot for a few years. Jerry Forrest is being given another opportunity even after a relatively average performance versus Carlos Takam and if he wins this fight it turns his career around.

Zhilei Zhang is a tall southpaw which makes his opponents struggle because of how few exist in the heavyweight division. He’s decent technically especially for a heavyweight due to his extensive amateur background. He has good power and stamina when he’s in shape which I expect him to be for this fight. I do think he’s vulnerable to be being upset by an underdog soon as he’s aging and is open to be hit especially when he gets tired.

Jerry Forrest isn’t a bad boxer and his jab can be decent but at this level he never seems to do enough. He doesn’t throw enough punches and really go for the win and is instead happy to try and land one big punch to turn the fight around rather than work for it. I also think his size disadvantages don’t help him at all as hes a small heavyweight.

Jerry Forrest

I think Zhilei Zhang will win a decision after ten rounds due to being technically better combined with both height and weight advantages. Forrest has a chance at causing the upset but he’d have to really go for it and I haven’t seen that from him yet.


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