Aaron Aponte versus Harry Gigliotti breakdown

This is a great step up fight for Aponte who is only 1-0 but had a good amateur career. Harry Gigliotti is 6-1 but his opponents have a combined record of 0-21-1 with one opponent making his debut.

Aaron Aponte had a good amateur career before turning pro young at the age of 19. He has a good jab and solid counters which is how he scored his first professional KO last time out. He’s got great fundamentals due to his amateur career. It’s hard to judge his power or stamina as his first opponent wasn’t up to scratch though this should be a slight step up.

Harry Gigliotti is an aggressive fighter but technically flawed. His footwork lets him down as he just charges into range winging in big punches hoping they hit. From what I can work out he’s done MMA before and this is likely where his weird style comes from. I don’t think he has any real power. Both his defence and level of opposition aren’t good.

Harry Gigliotti

I struggle too see any other outcome than a Aaron Aponte victory. I think he’ll most likely win on points as its only four rounds and Gigliotti seems like a tough man. Aponte’s technical boxing skills will help guide him to a comfortable victory as Gigliotti gets picked off after rushing in again and again. I could potentially see a stoppage happening if Aponte times him coming in properly.


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