Jose Hugo Acevedo versus Juan Nicolas De Leon breakdown

This is an excellent domestic Lightweight fight in Argentina between two fighters who are on good runs of form. Jose Hugo Acevedo is undefeated and currently holds the title that this fight is being fought over. Juan Nicolas De Leon had a rocky start to his pro career but has really bounced back and recently picked up a good win versus an undefeated fighter.

Jose Hugo Acevedo is a come forward all action fighter who throws huge amounts of punches with a decent amount of power behind them. Due to how much he punches his defence isn’t stellar but he does use upper body and head movement when getting into exchanges. He mixes up his hooks well and is a fluid puncher who very rarely throws just one punch at a time.

Unfortunately there isn’t much footage of Juan Nicolas De Leon online however from the footage I watched he keeps his chin high in the air and overextends after punching. The footage was five years ago and judging from his record and recent success I imagine hes much better but also doesn’t seem to have the power needed to keep Acevedo off him for ten rounds.

Juan Nicolas De Leon

I think Jose Hugo Acevedo will win by knockout due to his relentless pressure and style. He’s also fought the much better competition and in my opinion could be in some fun fights in America. I think he would be a perfect fit for the ShoBox series where unknown prospects are matched against each other.


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