Josh Warrington versus Mauricio Lara breakdown

This should be a fairly easy fight for Warrington who has proved hes world level again and again. Mauricio Lara is taking his first big step up in competition and its a massive leap from the fighters he usually faces.

Josh Warrington is a decent technical boxer who comes forward and pressures his opponents constantly over twelve rounds. He’s not a big puncher at all and only stops people through the huge volume of punches he throws. He’s not a defensive artist by any means but he still possesses head movement and attempts to avoid punches.

Mauricio Lara has decent power but overextends on the majority of his punches. He throws very wide hooks and pays no attention to his defence. He’s the epitome of a come forward slugger and while he has a good chin he needs it because he gets hit by everything. He’ll keep on trying round after round but he can’t offer much beyond that.

Mauricio Lara

I think Josh Warrington should win this fight by either late stoppage or a wide decision due to being much better technically and also having the better defence by far. I think Lara will likely get hit by almost everything Warrington throws and his corner will pull him out.


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