Dalton Smith versus Ishmael Ellis breakdown

I think this is a bit of a step down for Smith who had a harder fight last time out however its understandable as his original opponent didn’t make it to the fight. Ishmael Ellis is a domestic fighter who has lost every time hes stepped up though has normally given a decent account of himself.

Dalton Smith is good technically and had a successful international amateur career before turning pro. He has a decent jab though doesn’t use it to set up all his punches. His defence is generally adequate however like any fighter he’ll get hit occasionally. I think hes shown power and has shown he wants to finish fights as soon as possible.

Ishmael Ellis isn’t as good technically and gets backed up too easily. When he goes to punch he runs forward in a straight line which is easily counter-able. In his last fight he was getting hit almost at will and struggled with body shots which sapped his stamina before he was eventually stopped. He showed a lot of grit and toughness however and won’t give up no matter how far down on the cards he is.

I think Dalton Smith will win by KO because he’ll be able to back Ellis up and land big right hands on him throughout the fight. I also think he’ll be able to counter Ellis when he rushes forward as well.


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