Alberto Ezequiel Melian versus Luis Fernando Molina breakdown

This should be a fairly easy fight for Melian who is having his second comeback fight after losing to Oscar Negrete in America. Molina is having his first fight in two years and has been a journeyman domestic fighter in Argentina throughout his career before he was brought to fight in America twice and lose to big time prospects Murodjon Akhmadaliev and Michael Conlan. Akhmadaliev has won a world title now and Conlan will likely challenge for one so there is no shame in losing to them especially by decision.

Alberto Ezequiel Melian is a decent fighter who has a good grasp of the fundamentals of boxing. He was a 2016 Olympian and had a good amateur career though hasn’t been able to find that success in the pro’s. His defence is solid because he normally keeps a high guard but like many fighters that let their hands go in combination he is available to hit. It doesn’t help that he’ll stand in front of his opponents and just take their punches before firing back instead of trying to evade and counter. I think hes shown hes fringe world level and I thought his last loss honestly could have been given to him or the scorecards could have been closer.

Luis Fernado Molina is a tough but limited fighter. He’s not technically great and throws a lot of arm punches rather than turning into his shots. When he steps up in competition he generally shells up and doesn’t throw a whole lot. I think his defence is actually decent as he rides a lot of the punches by turning away at the last second but lacks the boxing ability to then counter after he makes his opponents overextend.

Luis Fernando Molina

I think Alberto Ezequiel Melian will win a decision after ten rounds due to throwing more punches and having the better technique. I also think the overhand rights that Melian throws will land easily on Molina who doesn’t block a lot using his gloves. I expect Molina to shell up and not throw enough to win rounds just enough to survive to the end.


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