Josh Warrington versus Mauricio Lara 2 breakdown

Seven months after Warrington was brutally knocked out by the then unheralded Lara, he’ll step into the ring with him again. This time he’ll be hoping he can come away with a victory and save his career at world level. For Mauricio Lara this is the final step before a world title shot though theContinue reading “Josh Warrington versus Mauricio Lara 2 breakdown”

Josh Warrington loses in massive upset

Josh Warrington who was widely regarded as the number one featherweight in the world lost in a major upset to relatively unknown Mauricio Lara. Coming into the fight people knew Lara could punch but he’d only faced domestic fighters in Mexico for the main part and at least in my eyes didn’t have the experienceContinue reading “Josh Warrington loses in massive upset”

Josh Warrington versus Mauricio Lara breakdown

This should be a fairly easy fight for Warrington who has proved hes world level again and again. Mauricio Lara is taking his first big step up in competition and its a massive leap from the fighters he usually faces. Josh Warrington is a decent technical boxer who comes forward and pressures his opponents constantlyContinue reading “Josh Warrington versus Mauricio Lara breakdown”

Josh Warrington vacates IBF world title

Josh Warrington has decided to vacate his IBF world title after the organisation didn’t sanction his upcoming unification and instead ordered him to fight Kid Galahad again. Warrington has said he doesn’t want to fight Galahad again and just wants the biggest fights at this stage of his career. I don’t blame him for vacatingContinue reading “Josh Warrington vacates IBF world title”

Josh Warrington to unify versus Xu Can

Its been announced that terms have been agreed for Warrington to face Xu Can next in what will be an IBF and WBA featherweight unification. Can is currently the regular champion but with Santa Cruz moving up he will be elevated to be the main world champion at featherweight. The WBA like usual have screwedContinue reading “Josh Warrington to unify versus Xu Can”