Ryu Horikawa versus Yudai Shigeoka breakdown

This should be an excellent fight between two young fighters who are early in their careers. Yudai Shigeoka has looked excellent so far and a lot is expected of him due to his amateur pedigree. Horikawa is also someone that has looked good in their fights however not as much is expected of the youngster.

Ryu Horikawa is a decent technical fighter however when he starts punching he can get lazy defensively. He has respectable power for the division and as fights go on he throws more punches. His stamina seems good and he has more pro experience than Shigeoka who hasn’t faced any adversity yet.

Yudai Shigeoka is also very good technically and lets his hands go. So far he hasn’t really shown any big weaknesses as a pro however he should be really tested in this fight. He’s a good southpaw which will make it hard for most opponents to beat him due to not facing many southpaws. He’s more of a technical boxer rather than a puncher and is good defensively with good variety in his offence.

I think Yudai Shigeoka will win by decision due to being a bit better technically combined with having a better variety of offence and having a more solid defence.


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