Ryo Sagawa versus Hinata Maruta breakdown

This is a really good fight between two top rated Japanese Featherweights. The winner will be ranked in the top 15 of at least one sanctioning body which makes the fight have high stakes. The winner will also be cemented as the best active featherweight from Japan.

Ryo Sagawa had a rocky start to his pro career when he lost his second fight but has shown great spirit in coming back. He’s notched a series of good wins together against the likes of Reiya Abe, Al Togogon and Junki Sasaki. He has excellent timing and judges distance very well as often he’ll punch and get out of the way of any counters before his opponents can react. He counter punches extremely well himself due to his timing and understanding of when someone is in range. Sagawa possesses respectable power though certainly isn’t a power puncher and relies on his boxing skills rather than pure power to win fights. I think he is getting better in every fight and has the potential to reach world level especially with how thin the featherweight division is right now.

Hinata Maruta has competed at a good level from his debut and his only loss is too a good fighter called Hidenori Otake who twice challenged for world titles. He has a solid jab and seems to have decent power though nothing out of the ordinary. His footwork is good and is the main part of his defence as he doesn’t keep his hands high enough especially when hes punching. His is very consistent but it should leave him open to counter right hooks as he drops his right hand when he jabs rather than keeping it by his chin. He doesn’t throw a lot of combinations instead preferring single punches.

Hinata Maruta

I think this should be very competitive as both are good fighters and potentially already fringe world level. I personally believe Ryo Sagawa will do enough in a back and forth tactical fight to win a decision. I think his timing and counter punching will make Maruta struggle to land his single punches and therefore win rounds.


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