Elwin Soto versus Carlos Buitrago breakdown

This isn’t a horrible title defence for Soto considering its only his third world title fight however its not one I expect him to be in any danger of losing. Carlos Buitrago is a solid fighter who is a little better than his record suggests but in the five world title fights hes had so far hes gone 0-4-1. He has a lot of miles on the clock now and I don’t expect him to be able to overcome Soto who is younger and fresher.

Elwin Soto should be able to win this fight because hes the fresher fighter who while showing vulnerabilities has also shown he has fight ending power. I expect him to keep improving as he gets older as well and this should be a perfect fight for him to showcase his skills.

Carlos Buitrago

I think Elwin Soto will win by stoppage in the 7th or 8th round after a competitive start.


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