Elwin Soto versus Katsunari Takayama breakdown

I honestly don’t think this is a great fight because Takayama is 37 and only just came out of retirement while Soto is a young fighter who’s shown power. Takayama has also taken this fight on three weeks notice. Elwin Soto should have enough to win a decision over the faded Takayama though a lateContinue reading “Elwin Soto versus Katsunari Takayama breakdown”

Elwin Soto versus Carlos Buitrago breakdown

This isn’t a horrible title defence for Soto considering its only his third world title fight however its not one I expect him to be in any danger of losing. Carlos Buitrago is a solid fighter who is a little better than his record suggests but in the five world title fights hes had soContinue reading “Elwin Soto versus Carlos Buitrago breakdown”