Elwin Soto versus Jonathan Gonzalez breakdown

This should be an interesting fight as it’s a good class of styles between two quality fighters in the light flyweight division. Soto looks to make another defence of his WBO world title while Gonzalez is trying to claim his first world title after falling short in his other attempt.

Soto is a puncher who comes forwards and lets his hands go. He has devastating body shots and is a massive puncher for the weight class. Gonzalez is the opposite and is the boxer of the two who will use his foot work and boxing ability to win fights. Gonzalez has been prone to falling apart in fights hes winning and has seemed particularly vulnerable to body shots in the past.

Jonathan Gonzalez

I think Elwin Soto will lose a few early rounds but will catch up to Gonzalez in the mid rounds and stop him to the body.


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