Rashidi Ellis versus Alexis Rocha breakdown

This is a really good match up between two unbeaten Welterweight prospects. Rashidi Ellis is currently 22-0 but still needs a big fight to break out into the world stage. Alexis Rocha has been progressing quickly in his career so far and has looked like a good prospect.

Rashidi Ellis is in my opinion one of the most underrated fighters in boxing right now and if given the opportunity could mix it up at world level. He has fast hands and good technical skills to go along with that. He’s not a huge puncher but can certainly hurt people when needed. A big thing when analyzing his fights is that he has off days where he doesn’t look great which makes predicting his fights a hard thing to do.

Rashidi Ellis

Alexis Rocha is a solid Welterweight prospect but has struggled a bit when he stepped up and fought Brad Solomon. He’s got good power and isn’t bad technically himself though doesn’t have the hand speed of Rashidi.

I think if Rashidi Ellis doesn’t have one of his off nights he will win a decision due to his hand speed and general boxing skills however if he isn’t on form I expect Rocha to win as he is a talented guy who might be stepping up in competition a bit too quickly.


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