Jaime Munguia versus Tureano Johnson breakdown

This is a really solid match up at middleweight where the winner will likely fight for a world title next. Jaime Munguia was a world champion at Super Welterweight before moving up to middleweight. Tureano Johnson has been a contender at middleweight for a long time and is looking for another career defining win after beating Jason Quigley last time out.

Jaime Munguia at super welterweight was known for his size and power which got him through fights. He isn’t good defensively but is slowly getting better as he gets older. He’s been working with Erik Morales for his last few fights and you can really see him getting better. When he concentrates he has a really good jab and puts on good pressure. He’s not great technically but his power and chin makes up for it.

Tureano Johnson is a tough fighter who is good technically as would be expected from a 2008 Olympian. He can fight excellently on the inside as shown in his last fight where as a big underdog he beat up and stopped Jason Quigley. He is a good pressure fighter who never really stops moving forward. I think he’d get on the inside a little better if he used a jab more but his style seems to work for him so who am I to question it. Similar to Munguia he doesn’t have the best defence and gets hit a lot which comes with the territory when someone is pressing forwards so much. He has been in some hard fights and hasn’t fought for over a year which could mean he has some ring rust especially at the age of 36.

Tureano Johnson

I think this fight is going to be very competitive and could swing either way based on a number of factors. If Jaime Munguia isn’t effective at stopping Johnson from getting on the inside and can’t fight with him there hes going to struggle towards the end of the fight and likely lose. If Jaime Munguia can establish his jab I think he can win this fight and potentially even get the stoppage. We also have to factor in that Johnson hasn’t fought for over a year and the last time he had this much time out he didn’t look great when he came back.

My prediction for this fight is for Jaime Munguia to win a decision but almost get the stoppage late on. I think the extra time training with Erik Morales will pay off and he’ll be able to establish his jab and control the fight from there. Tureano Johnson will have some success but I think Munguia will make it painful enough for him as he tries to get on the inside that his normal frenetic aggression won’t be as effective.


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