Marlen Esparza versus Sulem Urbina breakdown

This is a really solid fight in the Women’s flyweight division. Marlen Esparza was a standout amateur but hasn’t really looked great as a pro yet. Sulem Urbina is a good fighter who puts a lot of pressure on her opponents and seems to have been improving as a fighter in every fight.

I’m basing a lot of my prediction on the weigh in where Esparza didn’t look great while Urbina looked like she made the weight easily. I think this could be a passing of the guard type of fight where Urbina as the lesser known fighter puts enough pressure on Esparza to win a decision. I don’t think Esparza looks to have trained that hard for this fight and can really see Urbina out working her down the stretch in the fight.

Sulem Urbina

I think Sulem Urbina will win a decision after taking over in the latter stages of the fight due to having trained harder and being in better shape.


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