Lewis Ritson versus Miguel Vazquez breakdown

This is a really good step up fight for Ritson who can prove hes beyond domestic level by beating Vazquez. While Miguel Vazquez is a little past his prime hes still well beyond British level and is a hard night for anyone at super lightweight.

Miguel Vazquez has a really awkward style and has good technical boxing skills even if he is a bit unorthodox. His defence is solid and he doesn’t get hit very often. Hes not a massive combination puncher and normally throws one or two shots. The thing that people overlook about him is that he slows the pace of a fight down to suit him and unless your a good fighter you can get sucked into fighting his fight. He is now past his prime and has been stopped by fighters that consistently went to his body and put on sustained effective pressure.

Miguel Vazquez

Lewis Ritson is an aggressive fighter who likes to get into tear ups with his opponents which so far in his career hes come out on top in. He’s not the best technically and when hes stepped up hes shown his limitations in power and also in his defence where he gets hit too much. Hes a decent combination puncher but may struggle to land much on the ever moving Vazquez. Hes shown in the past when he fought Francesco Patera that he struggles with good technical boxers who can move well which is exactly what Vazquez is. I don’t think he puts a huge focus on the body which is what he’ll need to do to win this fight in my opinion.

I’m going to call the big upset and say Miguel Vazquez wins a decision due to his awkward style where its hard to hit him as he boxes and moves around the ring with a weird rhythm. I think stylistically this isn’t a good fight for Ritson who has shown before versus fighters that box and move that he runs out of ideas and just marching forwards and throwing punches isn’t enough to win


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