Joe Laws versus Rylan Charlton breakdown

This is a solid step up fight for Joe Laws though if hes what people make out to be he should win fairly comfortably.

Rylan Charlton has only really faced journeymen so far in his career and ended up getting a draw with one of them. He throws decent combinations though he doesn’t seem to have that much natural power. I don’t think his defence is great and his shots don’t seem that well placed.

Rylan Charlton

Joe Laws should fight more calmly than he usually does and when he fights calmly he puts his punches together well. He has decent power though I wouldn’t say he has one punch KO power. His defence is solid enough when hes fighting calm though everything goes out the window when a crowd is backing him as he just starts swinging hay makers with no thought for defence or setting up his punches.

I think Joe Laws will win a decision because he throws more precise punches and has the power advantage in my opinion.


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