Kane Baker versus Meshech Speare breakdown

This should be a fun competitive six rounder to start the Ritson-Vazquez card off. Kane Baker fought recently and almost pulled off the upset versus Aqib Fiaz and will be very motivated to win this one as he retired for a short while after losing due to feeling he never gets a fair shake on the cards. Meshech Speare is facing his first step up fight and hasn’t fought for over a year.

Kane Baker is tough and will keep putting the pressure on throughout the fight. He throws a lot of punches and while he isn’t all that accurate he makes up for it in volume. His defence isn’t great though its solid enough. He has a lot of experience and fought recently which means he won’t have any ring rust.

Meshech Speare is a come forward fighter that puts on good pressure himself. He seems to have decent power on his punches and puts a lot behind his hooks. He has a good jab when he chooses to use it though he normally just throws a variety of hooks to the body and head. His defence is fine though he could certainly improve it by catching more punches on his gloves.

I don’t see a huge difference between Baker and Speare apart from experience which is why I think Baker will win. Hes much more experienced and fought recently so won’t have any ring rust while Speare hasn’t fought for over a year.


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