Thomas Patrick Ward versus Thomas Essomba breakdown

This isn’t a horrible fight but its one that I didn’t really want too see as I feel Ward has progressed past domestic level at this point. Thomas Essomba is a decent fighter but hes not even a European level fighter and has took this on short notice.

Thomas Patrick Ward is very talented and is a great technical boxer. He can box beautifully off the back foot and is more than capable of going twelve rounds without getting tired. The biggest thing he lacks is power which shows in his record where he only has four knockouts in 29 fights. He was supposed to fight a better opponent but unfortunately they tested positive for the Corona Virus.

Thomas Essomba isn’t really a super bantamweight and is moving up for this fight. He has fought recently but lost a wide decision to Sunny Edwards where he was out boxed and looked one dimensional. He comes forward and throws big punches but struggles badly with boxers who can move well and so stylistically this fight is horrible for him. He is much better than his record suggests and always comes to win but will struggle to land cleanly in this fight in my opinion.

Thomas Essomba

I think Thomas Patrick Ward will win a wide decision because stylistically he has the perfect style to beat Thomas Essomba who struggles with boxers who can move and box on the back foot. He’s also technically better than Essomba who isn’t bad himself being a former Olympian.

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