Emanuel Colon versus Antonio Moran breakdown

This should be a really solid fight between two rising contenders in the super Lightweight division. Antonio Moran is very underrated and has pushed multiple top guys to close decisions. Emanuel Colon is defending his belt he won last year after suffering an upset defeat a few years before.

Antonio Moran has a decent jab which he throws consistently and uses it to set his other punches up. I think he leaves his chin up in the air too much and his defence overall isn’t great. He certainly has some power and is a good height for the weight at 6ft. In his last fight he showed patience and was catching Luis Solis with counters whenever Solis tried to get on the front foot. He’s not a back foot fighter in most of his fights and prefers to take the center of the ring and back his opponents up. Throughout his career hes fought big names such as Jose Pedraza and Devin Haney which means hes much more experienced at the top level than Colon. I think hes decent technically though hes not a combination puncher and thats a big thing he could work on.

Emanuel Colon doesn’t have a huge amount of footage online but from what I’ve watched hes a come forward brawler who doesn’t worry much about defence. He seems to have decent power though hes not a big one punch KO artist its more a volume of punches that gets him the stoppages. He’s not been tested properly yet and in his only big step up fight ended up losing though it was a majority decision. Hes only boxed three rounds since 2017 and has been inactive since 2019 so he may have some ring rust.

Emanuel Colon

I think Antonio Moran will win a decision due to his experience and jab. He should be able to catch Colon coming in throughout the fight and may even win by stoppage if he can time Colon perfectly.


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