Lewis Ritson versus Jeremias Nicolas Ponce breakdown

This is likely to be an all out war for twelve rounds where the winner will likely fight for a vacant IBF world title at 140 pounds. Lewis Ritson is 21-1 with twelve knockouts and has a come forward all action style. Jeremias Nicolas Ponce is 27-0 with 14 knockouts and has a very similarContinue reading “Lewis Ritson versus Jeremias Nicolas Ponce breakdown”

Lewis Ritson versus Miguel Vazquez breakdown

This is a really good step up fight for Ritson who can prove hes beyond domestic level by beating Vazquez. While Miguel Vazquez is a little past his prime hes still well beyond British level and is a hard night for anyone at super lightweight. Miguel Vazquez has a really awkward style and has goodContinue reading “Lewis Ritson versus Miguel Vazquez breakdown”