Lewis Ritson versus Jeremias Nicolas Ponce breakdown

This is likely to be an all out war for twelve rounds where the winner will likely fight for a vacant IBF world title at 140 pounds. Lewis Ritson is 21-1 with twelve knockouts and has a come forward all action style. Jeremias Nicolas Ponce is 27-0 with 14 knockouts and has a very similarContinue reading “Lewis Ritson versus Jeremias Nicolas Ponce breakdown”

Jeremias Nicolas Ponce versus Ruben Dario Lopez breakdown

This is a tune up fight for Ponce who is an underrated contender at super lightweight. He’s quite tall for the weight and fights well at range. He does pretty much everything better than Ruben Dario Lopez who is a journeyman. I think Jeremias Nicolas Ponce should win this fight by knockout in the 7thContinue reading “Jeremias Nicolas Ponce versus Ruben Dario Lopez breakdown”