Esquiva Falcao and Robson Conceicao in fights in Brazil (29/8/2020)

Both Brazilian fighters are in 10 round fights in Brazil on Saturday night. They are both normally promoted by Top Rank in America but with the travel restrictions I presume Top Rank have arranged for them to fight in Brazil.

Esquiva Falcao is most likely only a few fights away from a title shot at this point as he is ranked quite highly in the IBF. He will be facing Morrama Dheisw de Araujo Santos who has a record of 5-4. He’s fought twice on the road in Germany and lost by KO both times. I expect Falcao to win by early KO here as he’s the better boxer and has a lot more experience than Santos. Falcao is 26-0 and once he wins this fight should be looking for big fights in America as he is more than ready at this point.

Robson Conceicao has had a weird pro career as he’s been moved very slowly even though he won gold at the 2016 Olympics. He will be fighting Eduardo Pereira Dos Reis who holds a record of 24-7. Reis has lost every time he’s fought outside of Brazil with most of those losses being by KO. I expect Conceicao to win by KO because he’s the much better boxer and Reis has shown he gets stopped whenever he really steps up in competition.

It’s good for both of them to get a fight in while the global pandemic is happening and hopefully after they can get bigger fights. I think Top Rank need to start moving them both a little faster as they have spent years barely upping their competition which is weird as Top Rank are normally very good at progressing fighters to a title shot.

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