Robson Conceicao versus Jesus Antonio Ahumada breakdown

This isn’t a terrible fight as Conceicao hasn’t looked great as a pro and Ahumada has some power. Conceicao isn’t bad technically and clearly has some dog in him while Ahumada has some power but isn’t technically great. I think over eight rounds Conceicao should do enough to win a decision though I expect himContinue reading “Robson Conceicao versus Jesus Antonio Ahumada breakdown”

Esquiva Falcao and Robson Conceicao in fights in Brazil (29/8/2020)

Both Brazilian fighters are in 10 round fights in Brazil on Saturday night. They are both normally promoted by Top Rank in America but with the travel restrictions I presume Top Rank have arranged for them to fight in Brazil. Esquiva Falcao is most likely only a few fights away from a title shot atContinue reading “Esquiva Falcao and Robson Conceicao in fights in Brazil (29/8/2020)”