Maciej Sulecki versus Sasha Yengoyan breakdown

This is a comeback fight for Sulecki after he lost a wide decision to Demetrius Andrade last year. He suffered with a few injuries afterwards but is now ready to start his comeback to the top. Sasha Yengoyan is coming off a wide decision loss himself but his was to Toni Kraft who is no where near as good as Andrade.

Sulecki has decent power and defence though has been dropped a few times in his career. He also has decent technical boxing skills and can fight well on the outside. His stamina normally seems pretty solid though he did fade a bit in the Rosado fight where he was dropped twice near the end and was also dropped late in his fight with Daniel Jacobs.

Sasha Yengoyan is a tough veteran who is coming to the latter stages of his career. He’s started to slow down a bit and has shown in recent times he can be out-boxed by good technical boxers. He has decent power though he may struggle to land with it now as he is slowing down. He’s very tough and has a great chin which has meant he has never been stopped which is incredible considering he has had more than 50 fights.

I think Sulecki will win this fight by decision as he’s the better technical boxer at this stage of both their careers. It’ll be nice too see Sulecki back in the middleweight mix as the division has had a loT of top talent leave it recently.

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