Sunny Edwards versus Thomas Essomba breakdown.

This should be a good test for Sunny Edwards as Thomas Essomba is a good fighter who fights anyone and mostly fights on the road in the away corner. Edwards is coming off a 12 round decision win over Marcel Braithwaite to win the British Super Fly title. Thomas Essomba is coming into this fight off the back of two upset wins over Sean McGoldrick and Iskander Khan. The fight will be 10 rounds for Edward’s IBF International Super Flyweight title.

Sunny Edwards is a good boxer who usually boxes off the back foot. He mostly moves around the ring and stays light on his feet. You don’t see him get into exchanges with fighters very often as he normally gets his shots off then gets out of range again. His defence is usually pretty solid and he does make people miss quite a lot. He has been dropped a few times when he’s lost focus and as he steps up the levels he’ll need to remain dialed in. I’ve noticed versus pressure fighters he does start to slow down a bit near the end of fights and sometimes takes the last round off.

Thomas Essomba is a good solid fighter who in my opinion isn’t quite as good as Edward’s is technically though hes still very good as he is a former Olympian himself. He has decent power and should be more powerful than Edwards who is notorious for being feather fisted. I think hes a good inside fighter and fights best on the front foot so if he can force Edwards to fight his fight then he could come out on top in exchanges. His defence is solid though I don’t think Edwards will struggle massively to hit him. His stamina seems good and he has a lot of pro experience as he’s fought a lot of good fighters.

I think Sunny Edwards will win by decision because he’ll be able to use his movement well and pick Essomba off for enough rounds to win. Essomba may have some success late on but I think it will be to little to late. If Essomba does win then I wouldn’t be hugely surprised as Edwards has shown he can be dropped and isn’t always dialed in when fighting.

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