Erislandy Lara versus Greg Vendetti breakdown.

For all intents and purposes this is a tune up bout for Erislandy Lara before he moves on to bigger fights. Lara is 37 now and is coming off an easy win over Ramon Alvarez who he stopped in two rounds. Greg Vendetti has had two wins over questionable competition since he was stopped in two rounds by Michel Soro.

Erislandy Lara is a highly schooled amateur from Cuba who has been fighting as a professional for 12 years now. He has good defence and does everything to a good standard. In the past he’s been excellent on the back foot and can draw guys well on to his left hand. As he’s got older his leg’s have started to slow down and hes no longer able to move around as well as he used too. This means he takes more shots than he used to and is also much more willing to exchange with his opponents. When hes facing top level guys this makes it hard for him to be as effective as he used to be but I don’t think this will matter in this fight. He also has a decent jab but he’s not hugely active with that or any punches.

Greg Vendetti isn’t a big super welterweight and will suffer both height and reach disadvantages to Erislandy Lara. He’s an active fighter and will be throwing a lot more punches than Lara will. He moves his head and upper body quite a lot especially when he’s trying to get onto the inside. He also uses a lot of feints from the outside from what i’ve seen. I think his inside game is actually quite good and he really outworks his opponents on the inside and positions himself so they struggle to get their punches off. He throws good hooks which go over his opponents guards because of how he loops them. I don’t think he’s a big puncher but he has enough to get his opponents respect. I think his chin and stamina are both fine and when he did get KO’d it was by a big puncher in Michel Soro who landed 5 or 6 massive punchers in a row before he put him away.

I think Erislandy Lara will still be able to win this fight at the age of 37 as hes so well schooled and his defence is still decent. I think hes more powerful than Vendetti as well and should be able to keep him at range for the majority of the fight. I think he’ll likely win a decision rather than a KO as Lara is out of his prime and Vendetti should be able to avoid enough shots to make it through 12 rounds. If Lara sets a trap and walks him on to a left hand or KO’s him with a good jab left hand then I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

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