Abass Baraou robbed versus Jack Culcay after great fight.

After a great back and forth fight the judges scored the fight for Jack Culcay even though everyone else that was watching the fight scored it the opposite way.

Iko Berbic scored the fight 115-114 Jack Culcay which means he scored one round a 10-10 which in my opinion was likely a round that Baraou should have won. Rob Tebbut on twitter has said that people have informed him that Berbic scored the first 5 rounds to Culcay where Baraou was doing well and then gave Baraou two of the last 3 rounds where Culcay was coming on strong. This judging makes no sense and I can only think that this guy is incompetent and doesn’t take his job seriously.

Olivier Brian scored it 116-113 Abass Baraou which apart from the 10-10 round is a reasonable scorecard. I wouldn’t argue if you had it 115-113 to Baraou but to get 7 rounds for Culcay is a real stretch.

Peter Milord scored it 115-113 to Jack Culcay which in my opinion is a bad scorecard. You would have to really struggle to find 7 rounds for Culcay in this fight and again its either down to corruption or incompetence or likely a mixture of both.

I personally had the fight 116-112 to Abass Baraou and while there were a few close rounds I think its very hard if not impossible to find 7 rounds for Culcay. I will re-watch it in a few days and score it again. I’ll likely break it down in an article on here as well as the fight was very entertaining so I don’t mind watching it again.

Abass Baraou will learn a lot from this and can easily come again so at least theres a positive in that. Jack Culcay had nothing to do with the decision and should try and get a title shot as this has boosted his career to new heights. I think this is his best or second best official win and at the age of 34 he won’t likely be getting many more so i’m happy for him.

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