Jama Saidi versus Vincent Feigenbutz breakdown.

This is a good match up between two solid German fighters who haven’t quite made it at world level. Jama Saidi fought a close fight with Jack Culcay recently and has had one comeback win since. Vincent Feigenbutz recently came off a world title fight with Caleb Plant where he was stopped in the 9th round after taking a lot of damage.

Vincent Feigenbutz fights best off the front foot. He has good power and throws in combination. His foot work isn’t great and neither is his defence but he does seem to have a good chin. His defence like Saidi mostly consists of having a high guard. He has a decent jab and right hand which seems to have some real power behind it. I like how he chops down on his right hands and his uppercuts. He has a decent work rate and good stamina. He gets hit a lot and with his style gets into wars a lot. He’s moving down to middleweight for this fight so should be the bigger stronger man in the ring. He throws hurtful shots to the body which have put multiple opponents down.

Jama Saidi has a decent right hook which I’ve seen him counter Culcay with effectively. His defence mostly consists of him having his gloves high rather than using great foot work or head movement which I think he lacks. He doesn’t have a particularly effective jab and doesn’t throw in combination most of the time. He is a decent counter-puncher and can fight decently on the front foot as well. He’s not a great mover and won’t be hard to hit for Vincent Feigenbutz.

I think Vincent Feigenbutz will win this fight because he’s coming down from Super Middleweight while Jama Saidi is moving up from Super Welterweight. I think his advantage in power and him having a good chin will lead to him coming on strong late after a war in the early rounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stopped Saidi. Normally Feigenbutz getting hit so much would concern me but I don’t think Jama Saidi has the power to trouble him especially with him moving up a weight class while Feigenbutz is coming down one weight class.

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