Jack Culcay versus Abass Baraou breakdown.

This is a 12 round IBF eliminator between two of Germany’s best 154 pounders. Culcay has mixed with top level opponents for a long time while this is Baraou’s biggest test so far. Like the Horn-Tszyu fight earlier this week this one could be seen as a passing of the guard but in this case in German boxing rather than Australian boxing.

Jack Culcay has decent movement and footwork but will sometimes get very square on with his opponents when he jumps in to throw one of his bursts of punches. This means he is a bit vulnerable to counters and he is also vulnerable when he puts a bit too much power in his right hand and punches himself slightly off balance. He’s not the most active fighter and seems to prefer fighting in aggressive bursts where he’ll throw 7 or 8 punches which he mixes well to the body and head. He doesn’t always keep up the movement or head movement and I do wonder if this is because his leg’s are starting to slow down a bit. He does try to set traps and counter his opponents but his hands are too slow to catch most people consistently. His defence is overall very good and he has made world class opponents miss. He has a wealth of experience and has fought top names such as Demetrius Andrade, Maciej Sulecki and Sergiy Derevyanchenko. He has pushed all 3 to close decisions and in some people’s eyes earned himself atleast a draw in the Derevyanchenko fight. Culcay also has good stamina and was coming on strong in the latter stages of the Derevyanchenko fight.

Abass Baraou is much more light on his feet than Culcay and has good footwork. He has a good jab that he throws to the body often and overall works to the body well. He has good balance and I would say overall defence as his gloves are almost always up and he utilizes effective head movement. He has good compact punches which he’ll often throw in combination to both the body and head. He’s effective with both hands and seems to have decent power in both. He’s much more active than Culcay and doesn’t fight in bursts likes he does instead hes consistent throughout the round with his activitiy. He’ll normally fight on the front foot though it will be interesting too see if he gets pushed back in this fight. He seems to have good stamina and puts a real focus on attacking his opponents body which slows them down. I think his hand speed is significantly faster than Culcay’s.

I think Abass Baraou will prove hes the best prospect in the 154 pound division and beat Culcay by decision. His superior hand speed and defence will lead to him being first and last in exchanges which will slowly break Culcay down. His focus on the body will also slow Culcay down and I think because hes the more active fighter he should be able to consistently win rounds while Culcay fights in bursts which just won’t be enough. Culcay’s bursts won’t be as effective as normal because I don’t think most of his punches will land or land clean because of Baraou’s defence.

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