Thai Trio to fight on Friday

Three fighters from Thailand will fight on friday versus low level competition.

Tasana Salapat who has fought 56 times as a professional winning 55 of them and all by the age of 26. He will be fighting Tongthep Taeyawong who is 5-2-1 and only 17. I think Salapat should win by KO as he has a massive amount of extra experience and also good amounts of power as he has 40 KO’s.

Panya Pradabsri who is 32-1 will be fighting in a 6 rounder but his opponent has yet to be named.

Kittithat Ungsrivongs who is 15-1 will be facing Omar El Ouers who is 0-1. I believe Ungsrivongs will win by KO and continue to progress with his career.

Fighters from Thailand often have a lot more fights than people from other countries and I can only presume its part of the fighting culture there. I personally like that they are more active and wish fighters in the UK and America would do the same.

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