Sebastian Fundora versus Nathaniel Gallimore breakdown.

This is a good step up for Fundora and if he wins he can be regarded as a contender in the 154 pound division rather than a prospect. For Nathaniel Gallimore it’s a chance too shoot himself back into contention for big fights.

Sebastian Formella is huge for the 154 pound division as he stands an insane 6 foot 5. I think this is the record for the tallest 154 pounder which is incredible. He’s a good fighter with decent fundamentals. His defence isn’t great and I think a lot of it relies on his opponents not knowing how to deal with someone so tall. His biggest flaw is that he doesn’t really use his height and likes to fight at close range instead of keeping his opponents at range with a jab. I think this will hurt him in the future.

Nathaniel Gallimore is a veteran who’s fought some of the best at 154. He has good power and while not a great defence its good enough. He has solid fundamentals and good physical strength which he uses when he comes forward and backs his opponents down. He has lost a few of his recent fights and while some people think he’s slightly past his prime I think its down that and also him fighting very good competition.

I think Gallimore will knock Fundora out because he’s got very good power and Fundora doesn’t have a great defence and likes to fight up close which will suit Gallimore. This is also Fundora’s biggest test so far and based on how he’s looked in recent fights I don’t think he’s ready. If Gallimore is truly washed then Fundora can win.

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