Katie Taylor versus Delfine Persoon 2 breakdown.

The first fight was great and of course controversial which is why we are getting a rematch now slightly over a year since the first fight. Katie Taylor has won a world title in the weight class above since that fight while Delfine Persoon fought at a catch weight below the lightweight limit and also tried to qualify for the Olympics.

Katie Taylor is one of the best technical boxers in Women’s boxing right now though she didn’t show it in her fight with Persoon. She has very good footwork and honestly does everything pretty well. Her defense isn’t bad but she is hittable because she gets into wars too much. She has very fast hands and good combinations. She normally has good stamina but did slow down and almost got stopped at the end of the fight with Persoon.

Delfine Persoon is a come forward pressure fighter that like Katie Taylor is coming to the end of her career. She’s big for the weight class and has a great gas tank. She throws one punch to get into range and then throws combinations of 3 or 4 punches and if her opponents don’t move she just doesn’t stop punching. She’s very physically strong and should be able to bully Taylor if she can drag her into another war. Her defence isn’t great and she’s no where near as technical as Katie Taylor. She plods forward and doesn’t have the greatest footwork in the world though she cuts off the ring well enough.

I think Katie Taylor should be able to win a competitive decision as I think she’ll stick to her boxing this time and won’t get drawn into a war. With there being no crowd I think it’ll play to her advantage because the fans won’t goad her into trying to entertain. Katie Taylor will also be able to adjust her style after sharing 10 rounds with Persoon while I think Persoon is stuck with her style which to be fair to her she does well with.


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