Canelo and Dazn relationship and will it last?

Canelo Alvarez is one of the biggest names in the sport and so for him to sign a long term contract with an App that at the time no one knew about required a lot of one thing…money. Now that the pandemic has hit the world and effected everyone’s finances Dazn no longer want to pay Canelo what they promised him in their contract. However they also won’t approve most opponents for Canelo and we’ve seen this again today where its been reported that they won’t approve him to fight Yildrim for the vacant WBC 168 pound world title even if he takes a pay cut for that fight.

Right now it seems the only person they are willing to approve him fighting is Callum Smith but they still want him to take a pay cut even though it’s a fight against the number one guy in the Super Middleweight division. I think the people at Dazn need to employ more people that know boxing and business in general because they need Canelo to fight to kick start their platform again after the pandemic. Right now all they’ve done is delay him coming back to fight and started to sour the relationship between them because of how awkward they are being.

Hopefully this can get resolved soon as its painful too see the fighter that most people see as the face of boxing sit out because a few people in suits that have no idea what they are doing are making things difficult not just for him but for themselves as well.

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