Allen Babic versus Shawndell Terrell Winters breakdown.

This is a really good step up fight for Babic who is 3-0 with 3KO’s. Winters is coming off of a loss to Joseph Parker who is a former world champion so if Babic can win this fight then it will shoot him into the boxing public’s eye.

Allen Babic is a come forward fighter who is relentless with his attacks. He mostly throws hook after hook but does sometimes jab as well. I’m not sure how good his defence or stamina is as neither have been tested in a pro fight but I presume they are decent as he’s been in camp sparring Dillian Whyte. This is his first major step up and test so he may fight a bit more cautiously than he has in the past.

Winters is a natural Cruiserweight who has gone up to heavyweight a few times to try and spring upsets and he’s had varying degrees of success. He doesn’t have the best defence but he does have decent power and his right hand has some pop behind it. He landed a few good uppercuts on Joseph Parker when Parker was leaning on him but I doubt he can use that tactic in this fight. He is 39 and I thought he was slowing down in the Parker fight even before he got brutally KO’d. I think he’s coming in on short notice so you have to wonder how fit and prepared he’ll be.

I’m going to predict Babic will win a decision as he’s had a decent camp with Whyte and seems hungry to make it to the top. He also has a decent amateur background and from what I’ve heard has put on some weight so is a real heavyweight now while Winters is a blown up Cruiserweight who just performs well at heavyweight.

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