Sebastian Fundora versus Sergio Garcia breakdown

This is a good fight though one where I expect Fundora to do well in after a shaky start. Fundora is the tallest super welterweight to ever live but loves fighting on the inside. Sergio Garcia has an awkward style but hasn’t fought anyone on Fundora’s level and doesn’t have much power. I think FundoraContinue reading “Sebastian Fundora versus Sergio Garcia breakdown”

Sebastian Fundora versus Jorge Cota breakdown

This is an excellent fight between rising prospect Fundora who is very tall for the weight and come forward fighter Cota who has mixed it with the best of the division. I really think Fundora is hard to deal with because of his height and the fact hes perfectly happy to fight on the inside.Continue reading “Sebastian Fundora versus Jorge Cota breakdown”

Sebastian Fundora versus Habib Ahmed breakdown

I don’t think this fight will be competitive at all honestly and the fact the WBA are allowing it as an eliminator for the WBA Super Welterweight title is a disgrace. Habib Ahmed has never boxed at Super Welterweight in his career before this fight and while I understand hes a late replacement I don’tContinue reading “Sebastian Fundora versus Habib Ahmed breakdown”

Sebastian Fundora versus Nathaniel Gallimore breakdown.

This is a good step up for Fundora and if he wins he can be regarded as a contender in the 154 pound division rather than a prospect. For Nathaniel Gallimore it’s a chance too shoot himself back into contention for big fights. Sebastian Formella is huge for the 154 pound division as he standsContinue reading “Sebastian Fundora versus Nathaniel Gallimore breakdown.”