Sebastian Fundora versus Habib Ahmed breakdown

I don’t think this fight will be competitive at all honestly and the fact the WBA are allowing it as an eliminator for the WBA Super Welterweight title is a disgrace. Habib Ahmed has never boxed at Super Welterweight in his career before this fight and while I understand hes a late replacement I don’t understand why the WBA would sanction this fight as an eliminator.

Sebastian Fundora is absolutely huge for the weight at 6,5 and on top of that hits very hard. He put on a career best performance last time out and I can’t see why he wouldn’t continue that form now hes really starting to develop as a pro.

Habib Ahmed hasn’t really faced anyone of note apart from Gilberto Ramirez who knocked him out in six rounds at Super Middleweight. I doubt hes going to perform well when hes giving up such a reach advantage and has come in on short notice for this fight.

Habib Ahmed

I think Sebastian Fundora will win by knockout within six rounds due to his power and height which every opponent of his have struggled with.


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