Vergil Ortiz Jr versus Samuel Vargas breakdown

This is a really good step up for Vergil Ortiz as Samuel Vargas has fought some of the best fighters in the Welterweight division such as Errol Spence and Danny Garcia. For Samuel Vargas this fight provides him a chance at a title shot if he wins. I do think this is probably the last real chance for Vargas to get a title shot so he should be highly motivated.

Vergil Ortiz is one of the best prospects in boxing and looks to be trying to get a title shot in the next year or so. Ortiz has an excellent jab which he uses often to set up his hooks. He works both the body and head well with crunching hooks that seem to really hurt his opponents. He has a real killer instinct combined with natural power which has seen him KO all 15 of his opponents so far. I think hes very good offensively all round and has better defense than hes given credit for. His defense still needs improvement but I don’t think it will be a problem in this fight.

Vargas has a weird defense where he will often duck down and away from his opponents but not move his feet. He does occasionally try to use a shoulder roll but is largely ineffective with it. His jab is relatively average and I doubt he’ll be able to get it going versus Ortiz. He does nice work to the body and it’ll be interesting too see how well he does when he goes at it with Ortiz on the inside. He has a little power in his right hand but nothing that rivals Ortiz. He has timed people with it so Ortiz needs to not switch off like Amir Khan did.

I think Ortiz should be able to dominate this fight due to his superior power and jab which will lead to him landing clean shots again and again. Vargas is tough but he has been dropped and stopped before. I see Ortiz winning by knockout within 6 rounds as Vargas’s leaky defense won’t be able to stand up to a sustained assault from the powerful fists of Vergil Ortiz Jr

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