Vergil Ortiz Jr versus Egidijus Kavaliauskas breakdown

This is an excellent fight between fast rising young contender and the veteran Kavaliauskas. Ortiz Jr is a big puncher and is dangerous at mid range. When hes at not at mid range hes not as confident punching and will mostly throw jabs and single punches. Kavaliauskas has power but is vulnerable defensively. I thinkContinue reading “Vergil Ortiz Jr versus Egidijus Kavaliauskas breakdown”

Vergil Ortiz Jr versus Maurice Hooker breakdown

This is a really good fight between Vergil Ortiz Jr who is storming towards a world title shot at Welterweight and Maurice Hooker who is a former champion at Super Lightweight. Virgil Ortiz Jr is a big puncher with a solid jab and relentless pressure. He works to the body well and has stopped allContinue reading “Vergil Ortiz Jr versus Maurice Hooker breakdown”

5 Realistic fights for Vergil Ortiz Jr (26/7/2020)

As Vergil Ortiz Jr continues to climb in the stacked Welterweight division he’ll need bigger and bigger tests. Baring that in mind I’ve had a look through the rankings and found five fighters that he could realistically fight next that would also help progress him in his career. The first fighter I thought of isContinue reading “5 Realistic fights for Vergil Ortiz Jr (26/7/2020)”

Vergil Ortiz Jr versus Samuel Vargas breakdown

This is a really good step up for Vergil Ortiz as Samuel Vargas has fought some of the best fighters in the Welterweight division such as Errol Spence and Danny Garcia. For Samuel Vargas this fight provides him a chance at a title shot if he wins. I do think this is probably the lastContinue reading “Vergil Ortiz Jr versus Samuel Vargas breakdown”