Edgar Berlanga versus Eric Moon breakdown.

This is a slight step up for Berlanga who has beaten all of his 13 opponents in the first round so far and will be looking to repeat that here. Eric Moon has competed at a domestic level in the USA but both times he’s really stepped up hes been outclassed and in one case KO’d early. I will say that hes done a huge amount of rounds compared to Berlanga and if he can take him late and test his stamina this fight could be interesting.

I can’t say much about Berlanga because he finishes his fights so quickly. He has massive power and when he hurts his opponents he really goes for the finish. I don’t know how good his stamina or chin is as neither have been tested yet.

Eric Moon has a decent jab when he chooses to throw it but in the footage I’ve watched he doesn’t let his hands go very often. When he gets hit he just shells up and waits for his opponent to stop punching which leads to him getting beaten up on the ropes and losing rounds. When he steps up in competition he gets pushed back quite easily and in my opinion isn’t very good at fighting on the back foot. He’s got a lot of experience compared to Berlanga and if the fight goes late he could have an advantage stamina wise. In his fight with Meiirim Nursultanov he let himself be pushed back to the ropes and Nursultanov just unloaded on him as Moon just stood there using his gloves as earmuffs which didn’t stop his opponents uppercuts and looping shots. He was stopped standing in the second round as he stopped throwing back and was getting tagged hard as his defence started to falter.

I think Edgar Berlanga will win by KO within 3 rounds as long as he pushes Moon back as Moon cannot fight on the back foot and just shells up when getting hit which versus a puncher like Berlanga will lead to him getting KO’d.

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