Shane Mosley Jr versus Jeremy Ramos breakdown

This should be a tune up fight for Mosley before he gets into bigger fights later this year or next year. He just signed a contract with Golden Boy and this is his first fight with them. It’ll be interesting too see how they build him as he’s 29 and will presumably want as many big fights as possible especially considering hes lost 3 times so protecting his 0 won’t be a problem. Ramos has been matched hard in his career and thats why he sports a record of 11-8. He does sometimes beat prospects but for the most part he loses a decision though he has been stopped a few times.

Mosley Jr fights very tall and honestly lacks a defense. If your at least a semi-competent boxer you should be able to land on him without much trouble. He does have a decent chin which makes up for this flaw to an extent but its not good to lack defense especially if you want a long career. He’s quite wild and seems unsure what hes going to throw himself next which can make him hard to predict. He’s not especially fast so a boxer with decent timing can time his looping shots and counter him easily. He has decent power and as he gets more experience will be able to inflict more knockouts due to improved technique.

Jeremy Ramos has a decent jab though he does sometimes abandon it and in this match up he is the smaller man so he may struggle to establish it at all. He has a good right hand and punches well in combination. He can get caught when coming in and while I think his defense is better than Mosley’s I don’t believe its that good either. Hes also moving up a weight division and wasn’t a big puncher at 154 so I can’t see him knocking Mosley Jr out. He likely has better technical skills but Mosley Jr has been improving so I don’t think there will be a huge difference between them. You also have to question Ramos’s motivation at this point as hes become a journeyman and even if he beats Mosley he won’t get any big opportunity because Mosley isn’t highly thought of or ranked in the sanctioning bodies.

I think Shane Mosley Jr likely wins by decision or late stoppage due to the size and power difference. I also think motivation might play a part in this fight where Jr will be able to dig deeper because he knows its his first fight with Golden Boy and wants to impress.

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