Seniesa Estrada versus Miranda Adkins breakdown

Miranda Adkins is coming in at short notice and I don’t think this will help her at all. This should be a bit of a tune up for Estrada who notched her career best win last time out.

Seniesa Estrada is an aggressive fighter who has excellent boxing skills and decent power for her weight class. She’s just an overall better fighter than Miranda Adkins and thats not being disrespectful to Adkins.

Adkins comes from a kickboxing background and her boxing skills reflect that. Shes not a terrible fighter but she hasn’t faced anyone with a win yet and at the age of 42 is clearly slowing down and that will show at the highest level.

I think Estrada will win this fight by KO in the first 4-6 rounds as shes just better overall as well as being the younger and taller fighter.

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